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Tohora Bora Bora has just opened its own YOU Tube channel. Check out our brand new YOU Tube channel to see amazing some of our favorite and unforgettable moments in the beautiful lagoon of Bora Bora.

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Our Client Testimonials

Great snorkeling tour!
My husband and I had a great adventure with Simon! He picked up up on time and we headed to pick up another small group of 4. He took us to a few locations where we swam with colorful fish, Leopard rays, and then we found a huge manta ray! We had a great time. The other group of people were french,and he was sure to explain everything in both french and English. We had our own underwater camera, and he kindly swam down much closer and took some great photos for us. He also sent us photos he took during our tour before we even made it back,home to Texas. If you are in Bora bora and want to take an eco tour or whale watching tour Simon is your man! I hope our next trip will be during whale season:)

Awesome environmental friendly tour!
I really enjoyed the very individual snorkeling tour without any fish feeding, which is much better for the natural behavior of the wild animals. Simon is a very nice and knowledgeable guide who explain a lot of different and interesting things! Thank you very much for the great day!

Snorkeling with Simon in Bora Bora
My husband and I were recently in Bora Bora, found this tour with Simon on Trip Advisor and booked a day with him. He was really responsive when I first inquired with him, and had no problem answering the questions I had about the tour before hand, via email. He came to pick us up right from the main dock at our hotel where we found out we'd be the only ones on the boat that day! We swam with sharks, Manta Rays, Eagle Rays and saw amazing fish and coral. Simon is very passionate about the environment and all of the wildlife. He is extremely knowledgeable about the area and was able to provide us with lots of information, he even emailed us photos of our tour afterwards. We would definitely recommend Simon, it was such a great experience!

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