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South East of the island

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Snorkeling map
Site Coral Barrier

Snorkeling site located in the South-East of Bora Bora , being close to the coral barrier the water is shallow (between 50cm and 1m80, 1.5 to 5.4 feet) and always clear due to the swell coming from the sea; there may be current depending on the size of the swell.

It is a beautiful coral garden where there is a huge concentration of intact corals (branchus, tubular, massive ...), the fauna is very diverse; the expression "swim in an aquarium" makes sense.

In order to preserve this environment and to leave it in its natural state, there is no fish feeding.

You will be able to evolve in peace because no other company frequents this site, which makes it an exceptional place!

Beginner swimmer site as confirmed, depend the swell.

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