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ANAU: Manta Rays

East of the island

Bora Bora Lagoon Tours

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Snorkeling map
Anau Manta rays site

Snorkeling site located in the lagoon at Anau to the east facing of Le Méridien Bora Bora

It is a big cleaning station for the Manta rays that come to be deworming by the cleaner wrasses that live in the corals.

This site is composed of two superb coral reefs separated by a strip of sand, the depth goes from five meters to a maximum of thirty meters.

We can observe from the surface the Manta rays which sail between these two coral reefs, to do this clean the mouth, the gills, the skin of parasites, we can meet other species like turtles, black tip sharks, eagle rays, sting rays and a multitude of tropical fish.

The visibility may vary from day to day, it happens to be able to observe Mantas that are 25 meters (75 feet) deep from the boat but it all depends on weather conditions, this site is often loaded with particles.
Beginner swimmer site as confirmed.

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