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Motu Piti Aau site

East of the island

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Motu Piti Aau

The Motu Piti Aau is located east of the island near the coral reef and the Motu Piti Aau, the water is limpid due to the current coming from the reef and shallow (maximum 7 meters, 21 feet). This is why we can observe eagle rays swimming on a moor in sand in this area.

It is strongly discouraged to make apneas and make noise because they are very fearful but if we respect these two points we can swim many minutes watching them evolve a few meters under our fins.

Quite regularly we observe stingrays that bask in the sand.

Site for beginner and confirmed swimmer, it happens that there is current according to the swell, but in this case we are doing the site by drifting quietly on the surface.

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