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Toopua Iti site

South west of the island

Bora Bora Lagoon Tours

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Snorkeling map
Motu Toopua Iti

Just like the aquarium, Toopua Iti site allows to snorkel with a multitude of tropical fish (butterflies, surgeons, parrots, moray eels, clown fish, barracuda...

It is located in the lagoon at the edge of the caldera (A caldera or caldera is a vast circular or elliptical depression, usually of a kilometric order, often with a flat bottom, located in the heart of some large volcanic buildings and resulting from an eruption. which empties the underlying magma chamber), the depth is 6 meters (18 feet) on the site but located on a coral plateau falling down quickly to about 30 meters (90 feet).

The water is usually very clear but will depend on the current that can be more or less strong (depending on the swell), when this happens the site does it by drifting and allows you to cross it without any effort, the boat gets you over from falling after you have crossed this one.

Site for novice and experienced swimmer according to the current

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