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Toopua Nui site

West of the island

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Motu Toopua Nui

Toopua Nui snorkeling site is located in the lagoon to the west of Bora Bora behind the Motu Toopua, it is the 2nd cleaning station of Manta rays just like in Anau they come to be de-wormed in this zone, the peculiarity of this one is that it is shallower (maximum 8 meters, 24 feet) but larger which means that the search area is more extensive but when we end up finding them the observation is different because the mantas move a few meters under our palms and he is easier to see the work of the fish cleaners.

Negative point there can be many boats so we make sure to find the best niche in order to observe them in peace.

Similarly on this site it is strongly discouraged to make apneas to disturb them as little as possible and let them be cleaned in peace.

Beginner and confirmed swimmer's site

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